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Cyberoptix: Black Widow Tie

Cyberoptix: Black Widow Tie

Code: DB-CY07

Black Widow. Lethal. Discerning. + it's behind is well designed!

Not all widow species practice sexual cannibalism, but it sure makes for one creepy precedent!

And not just for gents, skinny ties are all the rage on the ladies, you can have our word on it. And what better way than to sport a lady spider?

Printed 16.5" up from the bottom tip, the graphic will show from underneath a jacket or vest.

100% Microfiber; a fine-weave microfiber is a rich, sturdy yet soft fabric resembling silk. High quality waterbased inks which require no harmful solvents, better for both the health of our shop and for the health of our environment.

Tie Widths:
Standard: 3.75-4"
Narrow: 2.75-3"
Skinny: 1.75" wide at it's widest point.

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