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Junker Designs

Junker Designs

Wear Your Junker Designs Loud and Proud

Since the introduction of Junker Designs in 2001, founders Tod Waters and Giuliana Mayo have taken a grass roots approach to creating custom clothing that is not only fantastic quality, but also has a hardcore style that sets it apart from anything else on the market. Both designers started out by making unique mods and enhancements to their own clothing, and it was this passion that brought them together.

Tod was playing in punk bands and experimenting with different techniques of clothing modification when he moved to Los Angeles from Houston, Texas in 2000. Giuliana grew up in Florida until attending NYU for costume design. She left school and headed to LA in search of cheaper living and warmer weather. The two designers met for the first time in LA. Ever since selling their first piece, which was a vest left at a friendís house that Lenny Kravitz saw and decided to buy; they have been creating some of the most unique rock and roll clothing available.

Junker Designs are hand crafted and created from the leathers, denims, and hardware that the designers find inspiring at the time. This could be fragments of an existing piece of clothing or uniform, cut, ripped, distressed, dyed, or sewn with other pieces to make it a truly unique item that declares individuality. When you are wearing Junker Designs, you are wearing a one of a kind piece of art.

These designs often include heavy leather or denim and have a worn and experienced look. Studs, patches, paint, rust, and thick stitching, have become trademark elements of Junker Designs. They have carved a niche in the world of high end rock and roll clothing with a very punk rock and almost post apocalyptic feel. Each piece is hand-made and designed with unique and completely personalized accessories to made them all one of a kind.

The distinctive qualities of this line make Junker Designs the perfect status symbol for celebrities, rock bands and designers who want to be seen sporting a coveted brand that is hard to acquire but easily recognizable. Popularity of this high-end underground line grew among acclaimed entertainers and rockers, which only added to the mystique of the collection. Their designs have been notably worn by Alice Cooper, Steven Tyler, Motley Crue, Slash, Marilyn Manson and countless others.

Junker Designs is the perfect collection for those who would never want to be seen wearing the same exact piece as someone else. The hand made creations and one of a kind pieces do not come cheap, but this is exactly what sets the Junker Designs collection apart from imitators, and makes the line so exclusive. You become part of a very special club when you own and rock your own piece from Junker Designs!

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