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Marquis Fashions: Screened Valkyrie Holster - Black

Marquis Fashions: Screened Valkyrie Holster - Black

Code: DB-MAR03BK

The Valkyrie Bag was inspired by the warrior women of Norse mythology for which it was named..... however then it got stolen by the men too and all hell broke loose.....

This smaller, sleeker version of the basic Drop Holster bag is great for the guy or gal that wants to carry just a little more then the keys/wallet/phone hands free, and also look pretty bad ass in the process. And just like the Drop Holster bag, it is made of high quality buttery leather which gets better over time, and was designed with the active person in mind. Function and Fashion, you are free to dance, swing, ride on some winged horses through the night sky..... NOTHING will fall out.

Don't let the deceptive size fool you, this little baby can carry quite a lot, for me personally, my record was my blackberry, massive key ring, money clip, business card holder, 2 pens, lipstick, eyeliner, moleskin notebook and flask..... what the flask contained is none of your business!

The main pocket is approximately 8"x 6" x 3" with a heavy duty YKK brand Zipper, for easy access and piece of mind that nothing will slip out.

The front contains a horizontal cell phone pocket with 2 magnetic buttons that easily fits your iPhone or Blackberry snuggly in place.

The detachable Thigh Strap is made of 2" elastic and velcro, and made for comfort, adjustability and keeping your belongings snug against your thigh.

The Belt, the Bag and the Thigh Strap are completely detachable and interchangeable to assure the correct size and fit. Sized for both men and women.

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