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Buddhaful Yesod Sweater Coat

Buddhaful Yesod Sweater Coat

Code: DB-BD026

This sexy and tribal Sweater Coat is truly unique to Buddhaful! There is so much intricate detail on this multi-functional Coat, which features a detachable hood and adjustable lace-up back. Inspired by Kabbalah and the Tree of Life, this design by Isis Indriya is a reflection of the web of the universe in a constant cycle of ebb and flow. Yesod means "foundation" and it is the root of all creativity, the deep subconscious and creativity. Made of soft Cotton Terry.

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Sizing Information

Sizes: Yesod Sweater Coat

American Sizes

Bust Width (in) 35 36 38
Sleeve Length (in) 22 23 24
Body Length (in) 48 49 50

International Sizes

Bust Width (cm) 88 92 96
Sleeve Length (cm) 56 58 60
Body Length (cm) 122 125 128

About our measurements:

Bust Width: Our Bust measurement has been taken by laying the garment on a flat surface and measuring from seam to seam across the chest, then doubling this measurement.

Sleeve Length: Sleeve length is the measurement from the meeting point of shoulder and arm (at the stitching) down to the wrist.

Body Length: This is the measurement from the top to the bottom of garment.