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Skeleton Key Soap

Skeleton Key Soap

Code: DB-SB03

Indulge in wickedly luxurious SteamBath Factory glycerin soap. One debaucherous bar encompassing one flawless skeleton key awaiting it's destiny; to unlock your Temptress heart!

Big Top - Sweet juicy candied apple fill the air, tart winter pomegranate is near, ivy is in the fresh night air, and dark and sexy, earthy oakmoss lingers...
Black Widow - breathtaking, with devious intentions, when dark vanilla marries sensuous musk, it can't end well...
Bloodbath - Spirits and spice, warm black coofee is your trusted company as you make your way through the midnight pumpkin patch.
Concubine - Complex, warm, spicy and exotic. Rich Tibetan amber and nag champa, soft lotus blossom with a touch of jasmin. It all rests on a spicy, musk base.
Conservatory - A proper, yet highly provocative blend of wood, coffee & old books with hint of cardamom, ginger & exotic Indian patchouli.

Weight: 4+oz, bath bar sized

Please take note, Steam soaps do not contain coloring. They do take on the 'hue' of the fragrance blend used. Some are darker, some are lighter while yet others darken with time.

KEY: Skeleton key is top notch & pendant worthy!

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