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Dax Savage Americhanical Chicken Skull Pendant

Dax Savage Americhanical Chicken Skull Pendant

Code: DB-DS015SP

Chicken skull; symbol of enlightenment, hope, pride, andpersistence. Silver Plated Copper with silver ball chain.

AMERICHANICAL, the new jewelry line by Los Angeles based Artist, Dax Savage, was BUILT FOR HARD TIMES.

This collection was created not only as a reminder of hard times of the past, but as generators of prosperity and good fortune in today’s tough economy. The line artistically connects things associated with the rich (and poor) culture and history of America. All the stuff that has kept the gears of America grinding away, through the good times and the bad!

Each piece was hand carved and cast in sterling silver, brass, or silver-plated copper, and then antiqued. The silver-plated pieces of the collection are intended to show bits of red copper through the silver as it wears, giving it a warm, classic- edge.

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