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Jungle Tribe Venomous Vengeance Bra Top

Jungle Tribe Venomous Vengeance Bra Top

Code: DB-JT077

Designer's Note:

when i started the pattern for this bra, everyone who looked at it in the making told me it wouldnt work. everyone thought i was crazy for attempting to stitch python skin over the dart pattern that we perfected for our bras. well guess what, after a bunch of fittings, trials and revisions, it all worked out. and not all did it work, the snake skin on leather system turned out to provide a little extra padding, something that i, along with many girls, appreciate. i love it when girls look hot, sexy, and badass at the same time.

so thats why i went with high quality python, accented with lamb lapel fold overs and strappery and suede base. it can be adjusted by the strap in the back, with snaps in the front, and snaps at the top. for this bra, i have attempted to accommodate the shapes and sizes of almost all breasts. available in these sizes

Small A cup 27 to 31, size XS
A cup to B34, size S
B34 to C36, size M
C36 to D36, size L

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