Apocalyptic Distress Blaster Bag

    Apocalyptic Distress Blaster Bag

    Jungle Tribe

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    Jungle Tribe Apocalyptic Distress Blaster Bag
    Independent Design • Superior Quality • Ethical Production

    Designer's Note:

    Sometimes things just work out...

    Several years ago I made a wallet that was the inspiration for this bag. It was a bunch of f-ups from the start. It all started with accidentally stitching stuff upside down on top of pieces of leather that were nowhere close to being symmetrical to begin with. On the workbench there were a bunch of ripped and torn pieces of leather, a pile of scrap ends and a bunch of random hardware spewed all over the place. But that pile of mess is always the breeding grounds of things good to come and though it feels totally hectic and chaotic as you have layers and piles of ideas all scattered everywhere. And all you keep doing is look for something that you just had in your hand but now can't find. I wish that the accidents that turn out great happen on the day that you clean and organize everything, but thats just not how it works. The happy mistakes happen amongst the the chaos. Thats what this bag represents to us: the balance of chaos with imperfection to make perfection.

    It is a bunch of hand stitching, distressed leather, studs, snake panels, gears, clips, D-rings and buckles, and zippers.
    It has zipper pockets, a card holder, and is basically a place to put your stuff in case of the apocalypse.
    Be ready.
    For men or women

    I hope you enjoy it.