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Designer of the Month: WILDCARD!

Designer of the Month: WILDCARD!

Our featured designer for March is (drumroll please…) Wild Card!

Wild Card is most well known for their leather accessories such as studded belts, rider belts and holster bags. A little western, a little steampunk, a little post apocalypse, a 100% cool. Pictured on the right is a studded rider belt. The pockets are perfectly sized for keys, wallet, cell phone, and spare change, but obviously can be used for just about anything! Great gear to wear at shows, on desert hikes, or in zombie shootouts! In addition to the belts and holster bags, Delicious also features men’s and women’s Wild Card leather vests, jackets, and laptop bags.. be sure to check this line out!

Delicious Boutique & Corseterie
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