Cobra Hoodie Heavyweight

    Cobra Hoodie Heavyweight


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    MIR Cobra Hoodie Heavyweight
    Independent Design • Superior Quality • Ethical Production

    The snake is meant to represent the beginning and the end of life. The Alpha and Omega signs are the first and last letter in the Greek alphabet. A Cobra tattoo may have also been meant as a warning to others that the wearer has "nasty bite" if provoked, so to speak.

    The MIR Eagle Logo on the front was a powerful anti-establishment and anti-administration symbol during the 50's and 60'. The eagle conveys the message "Strike first, Dont wait for them to hit you!"
    MIR is a Russian word for "peace". But its an acronym for "Menya Ispravit Rastrel" meaning "Execution will Reform Me"

    Silk Screen Printed on an Organic Cotton heavy weight fleece lined hoodie.