Night Crawler Convertible Jacket

    Night Crawler Convertible Jacket

    Butcher Apparel

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    Butcher Apparel Night Crawler Convertible Jacket
    Independent Design • Superior Quality • Ethical Production

    Sleeved asymmetric jacket. Asymmetrical zipper front. Cross zipped jacket. All material is cotton, YKK zips are used. The asymmetrical cut and look of the jacket stand out from regular cut fronts. One front pocket on the right and 3 D rings on the left, this let's you keep your phone and hand keys and lighters or other accessories on your jacket. The main front has 3 pockets , 2 on the chest and one at the abdomen.
    The collar is about 4 inches high so it keeps you warm if need be.
    Padded shoulders and perfect for short rides (or long ones).
    The jacket is a body fit, the sides of the jacket have zippers to let you loosen the waist. 2 inches on each side. The side zipped panels have a contrasting colour when opened out.
    The back has open darts (also in a contrasting colour) that allow ease of movement while stretching. This is held together by black elastic pieces fastened by rivets and stitches.
    Asymmetrical cut at the back as well.
    The finish of the jacket is a rough and shredded finish, one that gets better with use.
    Like all designs, this sleeved jacket has a secret pocket.
    All jackets have a lining inside.
    Although, it's listed as unisex sizes, Men and women's sizes are different, so please have a look at the size chart listed in the pic of the item. All sizes measurements are in inches.

    Garment is fully constructed of upcycled scraps - every piece will be slightly different.

    Ethically made out of fabric remnants - conscious fashion, slow fashion, green fashion.
    No two pieces will ever be exactly the same!