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    Shapibo Codes 3-Color Bandana

    Shapibo Codes 3-Color Bandana

    Access Our Eyes

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    Access Our Eyes
    The Sacred mergence of codes and ancient symbology. Sacred Geometry, Shipibo tribal influence of patterns, and a direct transmission from the Stars! This piece is printed with "Cave of Swords" selenite-infused ink.

    Base Color: The color of the bandana itself. 100% micro-modal eco-friendly fabric
    Focus Colors: Each has it's own special edition infusion!
    + Green ink contains Moldavite
    + Blue ink contains Turquoise
    + Purple ink contains Sugalite
    Accent Colors: All pieces have gold and silver accents
    + Gold ink is infused with montomic Gold
    + Silver ink is infused with monotomic Irridium

    Might we enjoy consciously exploring the effects of Crystals and Monotomic elements in our clothing and apparel. Great journeys to you! May this Altar cloth and offering be a meaningful feature of your experience.

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