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    Battalion Gaiter

    Battalion Gaiter


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    Tactical can mean a lot of things when it comes to clothing, but for us, it means foresight and intention - both from the designer, as well as the wearer. Using design innovations present in the Crisiswear cowl line, the Battalion Gaiter was designed with tactical quality in mind. It provides function primarily as a wearable piece of protection; whether from the elements, or from surveillance, or both.

    Made from 14oz Cotton/Spandex jersey, this unique gaiter is a high performance, breathable accessory designed for rough and tumble use. Unlike most sleeve-style gaiters, the Battalion attaches beneath the arms, providing a stable, comfortable platform that allows the wearer to deploy the face mask without worry that it may slip, twist or be pulled off. The material is strong, but also thin, allowing its user to layer jackets or sweatshirts over it; protecting the neck until its deployment is called for.

    Perfect for cold weather hiking, biking or celebrating your civil liberties, the Battalion is a must have accessory in any closet.

    - Rib-knit fabric is breathable and resists tears and pilling
    - Neck piece provides snug fit and consistent placement
    - Double stitched and extremely strong
    - 95/5 Cotton/Spandex Jersey
    - Made by hand in Chicago, USA
    - Unisex

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    All sizes are upper chest width, and will correspond with fitted tee shirt sizing.

    XXS - 28" - 32"
    XS - 32" - 36"
    S - 36" - 40"
    M - 40" - 44"
    L - 44" - 48"
    XL - 48" - 52"

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