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    Princess Punk Skirt

    Princess Punk Skirt

    Jungle Tribe

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    Jungle Tribe
    Designer's Note:

    through history there has been an ongoing story about an upper class woman, generally a princess or similar high-ranking nobility, that is saved from a dragon, either a literal dragon or a similar danger, by a virtuous hero. the woman becomes endangered by the peril of the dragon, and is about to be sacrificed to the dragon when the hero shows up and saves her. the princess ends up marrying the dragon-slayer, and they live happily ever after. tales like this have been found in different variations in countries all over the world.

    despite the popularity of such tales, the modern world doesnt work that way. chicks are definitely princesses, and deserve to be treated that way. but they dont need dudes to save them from dragons. they need to rock out to punk rock music, and fend off drunken dudes at the bar, and still look hot.

    so if you are a princess, like i know you are, treat yourself like one, and buy this for yourself. if you are a dude thinking about your princess stop pretending you are gonna ride in on a horse and slay the dragon and save the day. get off your high horse and buy this for your princess punk.....

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    Waistband Measurement:
    XS/S = 25" - 32"
    M/L = 31" - 37"

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