Pyrite Pendant - Bronze

    Pyrite Pendant - Bronze


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    Hibernacula Pyrite Pendant - Bronze
    Independent Design • Superior Quality • Ethical Production

    Pyrite, also called 'Fool's Gold,' is bright metallic crystal born of iron and brimstone. It is one of the most beautifully geometric crystals in nature, forming in bold cubes or densely clustered dodecahedrons. This unique geometry was the inspiration for this dynamic spire setting, displaying the complex facets of these tiny cubic crystal clusters.

    Pyrite means 'Stone of Fire,' and it earned this name because of the fiery sparks it produces when it is struck with steel. This reactive fire is the key to its alchemical nature. Pyrite combines the vital strength of iron with the burning passion of brimstone (sulphur.) Both of these elements are essential to our health and metabolism. Both are reactive and vulnerable to corrosion in their natural environment, but also quite willing to crysalize, so pyrite is always in the process of transition, a brave cycle of creation, destruction, and resurrection. Keep your amulet clean and dry and it will maintain its fire for hundreds of years. Burn brave, burn bright!

    Pendant diameter measures 1" / 2.54cm