Sigil Vest

    Sigil Vest

    Phoenix Rising

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    Phoenix Rising Sigil Vest
    Independent Design • Superior Quality • Ethical Production

    The Sigil Vests have a secret power... They are designed to shield Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF) from the most sensitive part of your body, your brain. We have lined the inside of the hood t with Naturell material by Swiss Shield. Naturell is a material that provides radiofrequency shielding (cellphones and cell tower radiation, cordless phones, wi-fi, radar, microwave oven leakage, TV broadcast etc). Extremely thin silver coated copper wires are spun with cotton or polyester yarns, then woven into washable, comfortable, and durable fabrics with the look and feel of normal fabric.

    Composition: Organic Cotton Stretch Canvas, Cotton Baby Terry, and Naturell EMF Shielding material.