Sphere Vest

    Sphere Vest

    Fairy Floss

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    Fairy Floss Sphere Vest
    Independent Design • Superior Quality • Ethical Production

    The Sphere Vest is one hot number! The cut of this vest gives you that slick feminine, super cool look with a combination of a steamy sexy style.

    Cleverly stitched together ,this vest will keep you as snug as can be, while you rock out at a festival or party. The inside of the vest and the hood are lined with the flower of life design, while the front holds that steel like form, patterned with streams of studded lines and curves along the creative transcendent stitch work. The base of this vest scoops lower at the front and back leaving that smooth finish across your waist.

    The back of this vest is amazing, continuing on is the spiraled stud work through the center and shoulders, it then opens up into two panels of lacing from the shoulders down and considering the design of this vest, is cut to fit perfectly around your body. The lace up feature can just uphold the classy unique style of the vest or you can chose to tighten or loosen your vest across your torso, enhancing your womanly waistline.

    The hood is lined with a shimmery faux fur to give that native look and can be worn for warmth, comfort or style but is also conveniently removable with studded clips that then form the collar, making this item changeable and practical. The Sphere Vest also has two spacious front pockets to complete this must have piece of art!

    *92% Cotton *8% Spandex