Spinal Tap Bracelet

    Spinal Tap Bracelet

    Jungle Tribe

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    Jungle Tribe Spinal Tap Bracelet
    Independent Design • Superior Quality • Ethical Production

    Designer's Note:

    Snake vertebrae is like pretty much the raddest thing that there is. As you can tell from the Jungle Tribe collection, tons of inspiration is drawn from it.

    But it is pretty freaking amazing.

    Once you cast a vertebrae, you can easily run leather through the existing spinal column.

    And the vertebrae fit into each other so perfectly.

    Im sure artists such as H.R. Giger had been pleased that such amazing inspiration came from nature. (R.I.P.)

    Everyone who has one of these hasn't taken it off yet, as it does become that thing that you wear everyday.

    6.5 inches at it's tightest.

    Silver, brass or oxidized.