Square Buckle Belt - Black

    Square Buckle Belt - Black

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    Independent Design • Superior Quality • Ethical Production

    Maker's Note:
    1-1/2" wide because that just feels right to us and will work for almost any situation. Whether you are a tradesman who needs a strong, long-lasting belt, or you work in a office and need to look sharp every day, this is the belt to fill your need.

    We've added the edging and saddle groove for a nice finish. Like the width, it just looks right and offsets the solid color, giving the belt a more finished feel and look.

    Latigo Leather:
    Our 10-12 oz. Latigo leather is finished the old-fashioned way, bringing the oils to the surface to create a rich look that wears like none other. The leather will build character and develop a beautiful tone over the years. If you would like to go a step further in caring for your product, you can use a wide range of oils to protect it from the elements. I selected this thickness of hide to ensure durability while remaining aesthetically pleasing.

    The Design:
    This belt’s design is simple, and emphasizes durability & versatility. It has the most straightforward of components: leather, a keeper, and Chicago screws to hold it together. No sewing or complicated ends or cuts.

    Due to the thickness of the leather, we went with Chicago screws vs. snaps. If snaps are not set correctly they come off, which will compromise the belt’s mission (to hold up your pants). This, coupled with a 3-screw pattern, will secure its permanent place in your closet.

    Sizing your Belt (A Must Read):
    Belts are measured starting from the front fold and going to the to the center hole. When ordering your belt please keep in mind Your pant size is not your inch waist measurement. We can not stress this enough.