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About Delicious Corsets


Psydde and Amy Delicious founded Delicious Corsets in 1995. Psydde Delicious is a graduate of Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science where he studied fashion and textile design. Amy, who also attended Philadelphia Textile, has been sewing and designing for over 30 years in both Philadelphia and San Francisco.

Delicious Corsets began as personal garments for Amy and Psydde. "We wanted something sturdy enough for waist-training and something wearable in both fun and formal situations." As Delicious and Schmitz continued creating their one of a kind pieces, it became clear that there was a niche for their work -- corsets that were both functional as waist-training tools and interesting enough to don as outer wear.


The current Delicious catalog features styles modeled after authentic corset designs from the past as well as completely new and innovative designs unlike anything seen before. Delicious Corsets offers a selection that can accommodate someone of any gender and body type. Delicious Corsets are made to order, allowing our customer the choice of fabric, fabric color(s), and other options to create a truly one of a kind piece. Feel free to contact Delicious with any questions. We look forward to working with you.


Delicious Corsets has evolved much in the past 15 years. We are constantly adding new styles and trying new ideas. Psydde currently travels the US vending for Delicious Corsets and our Delicious Boutique, which opened in the fall of 2005, the 10th anniversary of our being in business together. He also spends much of his time putting out fires and managing our two locations and multiple departments. Amy still spends much of her time behind various sewing machines. Along with Erin Miller, our Head Production and Design Assistant, we keep making corsets by hand, designing and drafting new styles daily. We pride ourselves on our quality and strive to keep our customers coming back!

Delicious Corsets has designed and created hundreds of handmade corsets since the first Delicious Corset was created by Amy and Psydde in December of 1995.

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