Where's My Stuff?

My package tracking says that it's been delivered, but I have not received it!:

Here's what to do if your package shows as delivered but you can't find it:

If none of these steps result in finding your package please contact us with the following information and we will launch an investigation with the carrier to help you find your package:

Shipping Address
Email Address
Order #
Tracking #

Delayed Packages:

Sometimes package deliveries are delayed from their estimated delivery date which is unfortunately beyond our control. If you need a "Date Definite Guarantee" please contact us as only certain carriers are able to offer that service. If your order is substantially delayed please contact us and we will initiate a trace or claim with the carrier to help you locate your package.

Who Files the Claim?

As the shipper, Delicious LLC will assist you in filing any necessary claims with shipping carriers. Claims usually take about 14-20 days to complete. If a package is not located during the carrier's investigation Delicious will issue a refund once the shipper has closed the claim.

Shipping Carriers:

Below are contact phone numbers and tracking links for our shipping carriers.

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