Corsets For Men

Corsets for Men...

The use and wear of corsets by men historically was not an uncommon practice. Not only did it provide sturdy back support for activities such as riding and hunting, but it also created the very narrow waist, broad shouldered look that men's fashions of the day dictated. Today male corsetry still exists... for some of the same reasons men corseted in the past as well as many other physical, spiritual, and erotic reasons.

Special Construction to Meet the Needs of Male Customers

Whether you are a man trying to achieve a more femine form, or a man desiring an exaggerated masculine form, there are certain aspects of the male anatomy that need to be taken into account when designing a corset for men. The length of torso is very often much longer on men than on women... this requires special care during the drafting and designing process. Proper balance and line are crucial to the aesthetic success of a piece -- we spend a great deal of time examining your measurements and detemining the most suitable way to draft your custom pattern so that Your desired effect is met! Also, the male waistline typically will fall lower than the female waistline. This fact becomes important when we determine your reasons and desired effects from corseting. If you want to retain a more masculine silhouette we will keep the waist line at a lower position, and in contrast, to achieve a more feminine shape we will create a higher waistline to shape you into a more true female form.

Gallery of Male Corsetry

We encourage our male customers to send us photos or jpegs in their Delicious Corsets! If you want, we will crop your face out of the image to ensure your anonymity.


Please feel free to send any questions... if they will benefit others as well, we will post them here under the FAQ's.

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