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Corset Styles Guide

Delicious Corsets can be Custom Drafted, made in Ready to Wear stock sizes, or be purchased Off the Rack from our In Stock Selection. Moreover, in addition to our 3-Layer Standard Corsets we now also offer 2-Layer Fashion Corsets. Furthermore, within those choices there is also a varied selection of Overbust and Underbust styles from which to choose. It sounds a bit overwhelming, but when you know how it works it's actually quite simple! That's what this guide is for... we'll explain everything and you'll be making educated decisions about the corset that's right for you in no time flat!

Custom vs. Ready to Wear (or maybe even "In Stock" if you're lucky!):

Not everyone can fit into an "Off the Rack" corset; it's a cold, hard fact of life. Some of us are pears, some of us are apples, and some of us even have a little applesauce running over. And that's fine... that's what keeps the world interesting!

Our In-Stock Corsets are cut from Ready to Wear patterns and they are on our shelves now! ...yes, NOW! We have quite a large selection of In-Stock corsets on our racks at any given time so stop by... we will often have just the piece you're looking for!

Our Ready to Wear corsets are the stock sized corsets that are cut to the measurements we've spent years perfecting! They fit a LOT of people fine as is, but of course they won't fit everyone. That's why Delicious created "Custom!"

Our Custom Corsets are drafted to your exact measurements and are created just for you! Bells, whistles, you say? You got it! These are the pieces that can be as one of a kind as you like... You can rest assured that no one at the party will be wearing the same thing as you if you're wearing a Custom Delicious Corset!

3 Layer Standard Corsets vs. 2-Layer Fashion Corsets:

Our 3-Layer Corsets are the standard, heavy duty, tough as nails, suitable for waist training corsets that we became famous for since our humble beginnings back in 1995. You simply can't find a stronger, more well made corset... you just can't. They are truly engineering masterpieces. However, almost 15 years later, we decided that perhaps not everyone needs a corset that is designed to withstand waist training and speeding bullets... some people just wanna look hot! And that's A-OK!

We've recently begun offering Delicious 2-Layer Fashion Corsets... just as beautiful on the outside, but without quite as much architecture on the inside. Still very strong mind you, still stronger than the mass produced pieces flooding the market, still hand made in the basement our our store, but considerably less money which makes it a very attractive alternative in this uncertain economy!

Overbust Styles:

Overbust Corsets are quite simply that... corsets that will cover your bustline. In other words, safe to wear outside in public with nothing underneath (without fear of being charged with indecency.)

  • Baudelaire - This is a longline over-bust corset. This corset has a sweetheart line over the bust, and a smooth curve at the bottom coming low over the abdomen but leaving your derriere exposed. Designed for the long waisted, it has a tummy flattening effect nearly all of us can appreciate.

  • Chatterley - Our best selling corset! This beautiful over-bust corset is reminiscent of an Edwardian shape. It accentuates the feminine form beautifully with a sweetheart line and princess seams over the bust and a curved bottom to sculpt the hips. This is the perfect hourglass shape in an over-bust corset.

  • Emmanuelle - This is our casual party corset! It offers waist reduction, sculpting over the top of the hips and a straighter line over the bust. Perfect to wear with pants or a skirt. This style is based on 5 pocket jeans, yes, it has 5 real pockets. There is a pocket on each of the hips and four belt loops around the hips. There is a pocket on each the side of the bust and the right side of the bust has the fifth pocket along with our Delicious Logo.

  • Marquez - Our Marquez style was created as part of our "Men's Wear" inspired line. It is modeled to look like a man's vest. This corset has a busk closure in the front, a plunging neckline with a rolled collar, and it laces all the way up the back to the collar at the neck line. This piece reduces the waist and supports the bust while creating cleavage.

  • Masoch - This over-bust corset lends the classic Victorian style to an over-bust corset. This corset provides waist reduction without altering your natural hip, it has an angular body with a straight top and pointed front bottom edge.

Underbust Styles:

Underbust corsets are styles that fall below the bustline. They can be worn over camisoles, bodysuits, tee shirts, tank tops, slip dresses, you name it, they're very versatile! And in the privacy of your own home, you might not have to wear it over anything at all! <wink>

  • Anais - The Anais under-bust corset represents the classic Victorian style. This corset provides waist reduction without total hip coverage, it has an angular body with a curved top and pointed bottom edge. This is a perfect everyday corset.

  • Cocteau - The perfect waist cincher! The Cocteau is small but will do a lot to reduce your waist. Not only will it look great to any who sees it, but it makes a great tool for waist training and is easily worn under clothing. An extremely versatile design, this corset can be worn and look great with anything!

  • Lolita - This underbust corset is a stream lined version of our Nabokov style. The Lolita style offers great waist reduction and just enough sculpting over the top of the hips to give you that perfect voluptuous shape. This style is perfect for wearing with jeans or skirts.

  • Nabokov - This under-bust corset offers waist reduction with beautiful hourglass sculpting at the waist and over the sculpted hips. This style is feminine and flirty, it can be worn with a dress or a top and skirt or pants. Wear this with your favorite bra to create the perfect curvy bombshell silhouette. It can be worn under or over clothing!

Which Corset Style is Right for Me?:

So, I hope you enjoyed our litte "Corset Styles" tutorial! You're now sort of an expert! Test out you new knowledge, peruse the pages of our website, and impress me by picking out the corset that's perfect for YOU!