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Corset Construction

Delicious Waist Training Corsets are fully lined and interlined for maximum strength and durability. Delicious Ready to Wear Corsets are constructed from two layers of sturdy fabric and utilize the same proprietary techniques as our original Waist Training Corsets, but without the interlining. Standard features include:


Original Delicious Waist Training Corsets are constructed of three layers; the face, lining, and interlining. Our Ready to Wear Corsets are constructed of two sturdy layers; the face and a lining layer. The face, or the outside of the corset that everyone sees, is made from your choice of some of the finest and most beautiful fabrics anywhere. It is joined to the interlining or lining using our proprietary techniques to provide sturdiness and durability of the highest quality. A strip of twill tape around the waist is used to guarantee that the corset keeps its accurate size and also acts as a helpful "waist marker" when putting on your corset. The lining is just as important to the overall design as the face, it is constructed of sturdy poly/cotton twill, which is colorfast and resists stretching. And of course, we include our Delicious signature logo.


Sturdy spiral steel 1/2"; bones are used to offer strong support and flexibility. The bones are sandwiched between the face and interlining or lining within a tightly woven bone casing. All bones are tipped to prevent any chance of puncture from the top or bottom.


Delicious offers busks of all sizes from 7" to 18" to insure that your busk properly fits your corset. Our busks are reinforced with a sturdy steel bone to provide uncompromising front support. All busks are triple stitched at top and bottom to insure they remain anchored in place!


We use size 00 grommets in silver, black, and some decorative colors as well. Our grommets are two pieces each to protect the laces and your skin. The corset is reinforced at the grommets with an extra layer of fabric. Two 1/4" spiral steel bones are on both sides of the grommets to prevent any stretching or loss of shape at the back of the corset. A lacing protector or modesty flap is sewn into the lining, which covers the opening in the back of the corset to protect your back. All corsets come pre-laced and ready to wear!


You can always look to Delicious Corsets for the most innovative designs anywhere! We are always experimenting with new fabrics and techniques as well as styles. Hand painting, dyeing, bleaching, and distressing fabrics and leathers mark our newest corsets. Recycled leathers and denims, new silks and traditional corset coutils are our specialty. From our one-of-a-kind hand-appliqued pieces, Bridal ensembles, corset dresses, men's wear inspired corsets, two-tone alternating panel corsets, to our insect inspired winged corsets, Delicious is always striving for new ideas.

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