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About Us

So, what are we all about?...

We're about innovative and independent design.

We're about working with the little guy.

We're about socially and environmentally responsible design and manufacturing.

We're about treating our clients fairly and with respect.

We're about treating our staff fairly and with respect.

We're about supporting the causes we believe in.

We're about giving back to our community.

We're about creating a unique and exciting shopping experience both online and in person.

We're about pushing the boundaries.

We're about making a difference.

The circus-inspired Delicious Boutique was founded by Amy and Psydde Delicious in 2005. The interior was designed by Philadelphia artist Marc Brodzik. It offers the perfect environment for shopping and for the many in-store events, art openings, fund raisers, and parties that we host on a regular basis. It is where we outfit rockstars, style models, costume film casts, and welcome shoppers to explore our exciting hand-picked collection of independent designer fashions.

Additionally, it houses the showroom and workshop for Delicious Corsets. Here we conduct custom corset fittings and create both ready-to-wear and commissioned one-of-a-kind corsets.

Bring out your inner rockstar!

Our History

Delicious Corsets' first retail boutique, Delicious Boutique & Corseterie, opened on Liberties Walk, in the Northern Liberties neighborhood of Philadelphia, on November 14, 2005. Less than four short years later the men's boutique, Delicious Sideshow, was launched on the Piazza at Schmidts. Now re-united, both masc and femme styles can be found under one roof at our new permanent location on Girard Avenue in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia.

The boutiques allowed a growth from just corsets to a large and varied selection of mens and womens clothing, jewelry, gifts, and accessories from independent designers throughout the country. We have sought out artists like ourselves who value unique design and top notch quality.

The hands-on Delicious Boutique experience provides guests with an enormous selection of independent designer fashions, and the opportunity to try on many different styles and variations of hand made corsets. Knowledgeable sales people are available to help you learn about the many limited run designer collections, and the proper wear, lacing techniques, health guidelines, and care instructions for fine corsetry.


Delicious Boutique Supports a New Wave of Independent Designers
Delicious Boutique focuses on unique lines of high end alternative clothing and accessories with the artist, musician, and dancer in mind.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, March 17, 2013 - Delicious Boutique, a specialty clothing retailer and manufacturer, offers a wide variety of higher-end, unique clothing and accessories for the discriminating subculture shopper. They have chosen to focus on a growing community of young art driven aficionados who work, live, and play in the unusual realms of fire performance, circus arts, dance, and music. Their customers, like many of their featured designers, are part of an exciting world of music and the arts, and they dress the part! The various collections include tribal, burner, steampunk and post apocalyptic clothing movements; popular trends in clothing and accessories today. began operations in November of 2005. They pride themselves in offering innovative and edgy designs not easily found among other retailers. Delicious Boutique has a reputation of providing fine fashions for a wide variety of special events, including their hand created line of corsets for brides-to-be looking for that unusual twist! They frequently style rock and alternative musicians as well as costume for performance and film. Delicious is continually adding new designs to their product mix to meet the demands of their growing customer base both on stage and off.

Many musicians, performers, and artists have embraced Delicious Boutique for their unique offerings and community support. The festival clothing and accessories they offer are often created by the very people who frequent these events. Large festivals like Burning Man and Lightning in a Bottle have given birth to this new and exciting style of festival fashion. Many artists, Delicious included, will even set up pop-up boutiques to offer their wares at the festivals themselves.

The services provided by Delicious Boutique allow them to stand out in their industry. They take great pride in catering to many under-serviced communities and niches. Clients are encouraged to visit their website for more details and to learn more about the varied specialty product lines they offer..

About Delicious Boutique

Delicious Boutique specializes in offering unique independent designer lines of clothing and accessories. Emphasis on subculture styles such as festival fashion, post apocalyptic clothing, and tribal fashion from designers including Junker Designs, 14th Addiction, Phoenix Rising, and Jungle Tribe. The lines are all carefully hand picked for those seeking high quality yet something new and adventurous.

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