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In House Repair Services

Grommet & Rivet Replacement

Delicious Boutique is sometimes able to provide limited repairs or basic grommet/rivet replacement in-house for our local Philadelphia customers.

Within 30 days of purchase if a grommet or rivet fails due to hardware defect or improper set, we may be able to repair or replace that hardware in-house. If a repair is outside the scope of our in-house abilities then we can contact the artist on your behalf to arrange for hardware repair or replacement. This only applies to hardware defect or original setting malfunctions, it does not cover damage as the result of natural wear and tear or improper use.

After 30 days, repairs for grommets and rivets due to normal wear and tear may be possible in-house as schedule permits. Contact us for schedule availablity and price quotes.

Replacement Parts

Replacement straps, lacing, and cords for select styles may be available for purchase.

Contact us for availablity and price quotes.

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