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Where's My Stuff?

It is important that you provide a correct and actively checked email address when placing your order so that you receive your Order Confirmation, Shipping Confirmation, and Tracking Number. The quicker a problem is noticed, the better the chance of a speedy resolution.

My package tracking says that it's been delivered, but I have not received it!:

Here's what to do if your package shows as delivered but you can't find it:

If none of these steps result in finding your package:

• First contact your local post office or UPS facility so you can speak with the mail carrier or UPS driver who delivered your package to get further information.

• Secondly, if the carrier is unable to help you locate the package, you will need to contact the police to report the theft of the package.

We can help you by providing any information you need to initiate a claim or file a police report, but Delicious LLC cannot be held responsible for stolen packages.

Filing a Claim for Undelivered or Damaged Packages:

Delayed Packages:

Sometimes package deliveries are delayed from their estimated delivery date which is unfortunately beyond our control. If you need a "Date Definite Guarantee" please contact us as only certain carriers are able to offer that service. If your order is substantially delayed please contact us and we will initiate a trace or claim with the carrier to help you locate your package.

Shipping Carriers:

Below are contact phone numbers and tracking links for our shipping carriers.

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