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Sizing & Measurements

General Sizing Info

Compare Measurements From an Existing Garment

It is often helpful to compare the garment measurements we provide against the measurements of clothing you already own.

Flat measurements of a jacket that fits you well:

Flat measurements of pants that fit you well:

Providing Measurements for Special Orders

• Height and Weight - Good starting points - these provide a general idea of body type.
Additionally, if you can provide any current photos or social media links that show your build that is also very helpful.

Body Measurements:

For Pants:

For Jackets:

Taking Body Measurements

Belt Sizing

US Hat Sizing

Using a flexible measuring tape, measure the circumference around your head where you would want the hat to sit. Keep the tape level around the head.

21⅛" = 6¾ Hat Size
21½" = 6⅞ Hat Size
21⅞" = 7 Hat Size
22¼" = 7⅛ Hat Size
22⅝" = 7¼ Hat Size
23" = 7⅜ Hat Size
23½" = 7½ Hat Size
23⅞" = 7⅝ Hat Size
24¼" = 7¾ Hat Size
24⅝" = 7⅞ Hat Size
25" = 8 Hat Size
25½" = 8⅛ Hat Size

The most common male hat size is 7-3/8 and the average hat size for females is 7-1/4.

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