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Corset FAQs

Q: So I'm about to order a custom corset.. what should I expect?

A: Your custom Delicious Corset will be completed in 4 to 6 weeks! First, we email you with a list of measurements and hints on how best to take them. When returned, we draft a pattern just for you, and make a muslin mock-up based on your measurements. Your muslin mock-up will be shipped out in approximately 2 to 3 weeks after your order is placed. You can do the fitting in the privacy of your home using our fit questionnaire as a guideline. This will be sent to you first so that any necessary “fine tuning” can be noted. After the mock-up has been returned to us your finished corset can be ready in 2 to 3 more weeks!

Q: What is a mock up?

A: We draft a pattern for the style corset you choose based on the list of measurements we ask for. We create the corset in muslin, add boning for light support, there is a busk closure at center front and it laces closed in the back. This is used to let our customers see exactly how their finished corset will fit. If there are any alterations that need to be made it is easy to draw on or pin the mock up. Once you return the mock up we create your custom corset from the fabric you select.

Q: Why do you make mock-ups, aren’t my measurements good enough?

A: We know that taking measurements for a custom corset can be difficult and people often fear they haven’t done it correctly. Some people can lace up more tightly than others and until you are in a corset, you have no way of knowing. Also, once you are laced into a corset, your posture changes which can alter your measurements slightly. For these reasons we send you a mock up to check the fit to assure that your Delicious Corset is perfect.

Q: I'm on a diet and expect to lose a bunch of weight. Will my existing corset still fit me?

A: One of the reasons it is recommended that there be a gap down center back is to take into account possible weight fluctuations. This will allow you to wear the corset a little more closed in back as you start to lose weight. Any significant weight loss however, may be cause to treat yourself to a new corset! Since corsets are made to measure items, you will never have as perfect of a fit if your body size changes significantly.

Q: I’m about to go on a diet and want to loose 30 pounds, can I order the corset a few inches too small so it will fit later?

A: Since you never know where exactly on your body you will loose the weight and how firm your body will get it is best to order your custom corset when the weight loss is nearly complete. If you order the corset and your body shape changes the corset will look ill fitted. We suggest waiting until you have achieved your weight loss goal and then treat yourself to a new corset to celebrate.

Q: I saw this corset in a magazine that I really like... can you guys make it for me?

A: We are always thrilled to work with our clients to design exactly what they want, however we are not comfortable knocking off another designers original work. We are very happy to look at other designs as a source of inspiration and create something that you love in look and feel ...but with our own Delicious twist!

Q: I need a skirt to go with my corset. Can Delicious make one for me?

A: If our production schedule allows, we’d love to create your entire ensemble! We do a variety of Bridal skirts, prom skirts, and special occasion skirts. If we are not able to make the skirt you may want to buy some extra fabric from us and have a local dressmaker make the skirt.

Q: I need my corset in time for a special event in 2 weeks. Can you do it?!

A: We have many Delicious Corsets in stock, check our "In-Stock Corsets" page to see if we have something you can use. Our "Ready to Wear" line can be finished and shipped in two weeks. Our custom Delicious Corsets normally take 4-6 weeks, but contact us, if we can squeeze a rush order into our schedule we will; any expedited orders are subject to a rush charge.

Custom Corset Rush Charges:

3weeks: $50 plus overnight shipping charges of mock up and completed corset
(current UPS Next Day Air rates apply.)
(In house: 1 week for mock up, 2 weeks for completed corset)

2 weeks: $100 plus overnight shipping charges of mock up and completed corset
(current UPS Next Day Air rates apply.)
(In house: 1 week for mock up, 1 week for completed corset)

1 week: $250 plus overnight shipping charges of mock up and completed corset
(current UPS Next Day Air rates apply.)
(In house: 2 days for mock up, 3 days for completed corset)

Rush Charges do not include overnight shipping charges for the mock up and the finished corset.
The customer is responsible for conducting the fitting upon receiving the mock up and overnight shipping back to Delicious.

Stock Size Corset Rush Charges:
(Stock Sized Corset: Normal delivery time is 14 days turn around.)

7 days: $100
Rush Charges do not include overnight shipping charges.

Holiday Rush:
There may be an additional charge for delivery by Halloween, Christmas, New Years, or Valentine’s Day.

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