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Madamme Frill Gloves

Madamme Frill Gloves

Jungle Tribe

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Jungle Tribe Madamme Frill Gloves
Designers Note:

you ever go for a bike ride on an autumn day and your hands go cold? that happens to people who dont wear gloves.
ever get red burns in your hands from carrying way too many groceries in one hand at a time? that happens to people who dont wear gloves.
ever wish you had a better grip on your steering wheel when your practicing figure eight donuts in the black iced safeway parking lot in your cherry red firebird?
that happened to me, and possibly to other firebird owners.
so what i am trying to say here? that gloves serve a function and make life better?
no im not trying to say that, ill leave that to the infomercial weirdos.
the most important thing about these gloves is they look rad. girls look hot with these gloves on. the silvery glam ringed frill balances the straight up toughness of the sleek black leather. you can toughen up or tone down your outfit with madamme frill gloves.

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