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Jungle Tribe X-Glam Gloves

Jungle Tribe X-Glam Gloves

Code: DB-JT152

We wanted to make a glove that was low cut to really show off that sexy hand and wrist you have.

So we made these bad boys. Gun metal studs with soft black leather, for the win.

Simple, soft, and badass. Just like you ;)

For sizing, we would suggest measuring the diameter around your hand, starting just above your thumb, and going fully around your hand. you want to measure the space around your hand that is below your knuckles and above your thumb.

if you are 7"-7.5", we suggest an XS.
for above 7.5" to around 8", we suggest size S.
for around 8"-8.5", we suggest size M
for around 9" - we suggest L

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