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    Pocket Shuffle Cap

    Pocket Shuffle Cap

    Butcher Apparel

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    Butcher Apparel
    A distressed eco friendly cap from the Post-Apocalyptic Collection.

    These Eco Friendly caps are made entirely out of discarded fabrics joined with small, but completely usable, remnant cuts of fabric. It is the goal of the designer to keep production fabric waste below 8% every year.

    • Vintage style box fit
    • Closed back with a concealed elastic
    • Snap pockets add functionality to the dystopian style
    • Made from 100% cotton and coated cotton fabrics
    • A snap pocket on each side for quick access to smaller accessories or usables
    • Each cap will be unique - no two are exacty the same!

    Comfortable and durable while adding style to a dystopian world!

    Size S/M fits most heads 22" - 22.5". Cap will start tight and quickly stretch to fit head.
    Size M/L fits most heads 23" - 23.5". Cap will start tight and quickly stretch to fit head.

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