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    Mini EMB Shorts

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    Mini EMB Shorts

    Jungle Gypsy

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    Jungle Gypsy
    • A best-seller freshly updated!
    • Cotton jacquard mini shorts
    • Crocheted side inserts to amp up the sexiness!
    • Adjustable on both sides
    • Minimal stretch - view sizing measurements to select best size
    • Side zipper for the best fit and easy in-and-out

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    Garment True Measurements:

    Waistband = 25”-30”
    Length (side) = 8.5”
    Rise = 7”

    Waistband = 27”-32"
    Length (side) = 9”
    Rise = 9”

    Waistband = 29”-35”
    Length (side) = 9"
    Rise = 9.5”

    Waistband = 33”-39"
    Length (side) = 9"
    Rise = 9.5"

    • Low rise (the waistband will fall on the hip.) Select size accordingly.
    • Little to no stretch; corset style lacing up the sides which can be tightened or loosened, making them adjustable on both sides

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