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    Gold Foil Hand Spats

    Gold Foil Hand Spats

    Jungle Tribe

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    Jungle Tribe
    Born from urban necessity, these fingerless gloves are your year round 'must-haves'.

    Whether it be the utilitarian requirements of a city dweller or the need for a next level designer accoutrement , these gloves offer up the ability to be worn all year, and in any environment.

    Handmade with an open construction concept to allow maximum movement of the fingers, this simple yet futuristic design features a cream leather with gold foil accents. Crackle grey leather binding and a snap closure.

    For sizing, we would suggest measuring the diameter around your hand, starting just above your thumb, and going fully around your hand. You want to measure the space around your hand that is below your knuckles and above your thumb.

    If you are under 7", we suggest an XS
    for around 7" - 7.5", we suggest size S
    for around 7.5"- 8", we suggest size M
    for around 8.5" - 9" - we suggest L

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