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    Strapped Double Jeans

    Strapped Double Jeans

    Sizing Info
    29 30 31 32 33 34 36
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    Antiqued black denim double waistband jeans... It's like jeans within a jean.

    • A unique "double waistband"
    • Distressed antique black finish
    • Three button fly on upper (inner) jean
    • Two button fly on lower (outer) jean
    • Three functional upper (inner) jean poackets
    • Four functional lower (outer) jean snap poackets
    • Three functional lower (outer) jean zip poackets
    • Three buckled straps around outside of each leg
    • Subtle embroidered detailing on top back of inner jean
    • Embroidered bottom cuff that can be extended or hidden
    • 98% Cotton / 2% Stretch

    Sizing Info Show Sizing Info Hide icon Sizing Info
    • Waist:
    Size 29 measures 32" at waistband
    Size 30 measures 33" at waistband
    Size 31 measures 34" at waistband
    Size 32 measures 35" at waistband
    Size 33 measures 36" at waistband
    Size 34 measures 37" at waistband
    Size 36 measures 38" at waistband

    • 2% stretch allows for easy stretch up to about two inches.

    • 34" length
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