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    Privacy Cat Mask

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    Privacy Cat Mask


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    XS-M M-XL
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    These have been developed to enhance privacy and prevent facial recognition from working in many places in daily life.

    If you would like additional protection please place warm or red glasses or filters inside the mask to cover your eyes.

    Many people are now wearing Warm or Red filters when traveling to reduce the effects of the light pollution.

    The mask can be used for entertainment , for reduction of facial recognition as well as play.

    Wear it in the city streets to take back a bit of your privacy , or to a party to protect your identity.

    This Lyran Cat mask has been beta tested and although designed to protect you also causes people to love you.

    During our beta test we were greeted by security with "meows" and were able to roam freely.

    Size XS-M will fit most females and size M-XL fits most males

    Sizing Info Show Sizing Info Hide icon Sizing Info
    Size XS-M will fit most females and size M-XL fits most males

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