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    Delicious Overbust Bridal Foundation

    Delicious Overbust Bridal Foundation

    Baudelaire ($320.)
    Chatterley ($340.) As Pictured
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    This corset is designed to wear under a wedding gown to reduce the waist, flatten the abdomen, sculpt the hips, and offer bust support. It is made of a white satin coutil, reinforced at the waist, spiral boned and laces closed at the back. There is no opening at the center front for the flattest look possible. It has a white cotton lining and modesty panel to protect your skin from the lacing. There are loops for two pairs of detachable garter loops if you'll be wearing thigh high stockings. The laces in the back can be tucked in under the back of the corset or cut shorter during your big day and replaced later.
    Baudelaire Stock Sized: $320.00
    Chaterley Stock Sized: $340.00
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