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Delicious Corset Lacing Guide

Occasionally for cleaning or other reasons it will be necessary to completely remove the lacing from your corset. Below is an illustration that will aide you in re-lacing your corset!

2-Lace Method, Single Lace Method

Lacing Up:

Always loosen the laces so you can easily wrap the corset around your body and close the busk. Fasten the busk starting at the second hook from the bottom, work up and close the bottom last. Tighten the laces gradually. Start tightening the corset lace by pulling the excess at the bottom up toward the waist, the bow at the bottom should remain tied. Next, tighten the top down to the waist. All the excess should be brought to the waist and the final tightening should be done there, with a large bow in the back. Never tie the laces around to the front of the corset, this can damage the fabric. Keep in mind that the corset is designed to reduce the waist and sculpt above and below. You do not want to drastically reduce your ribs or your hips as this will cause discomfort. Give your body and your corset a little time to adjust before trying to lace tighter… corseting takes time, patience and practice.

Getting Out:

Always loosen the lacing at the back of the corset before trying to open the busk. Failure to loosen enough before opening can cause undue stress on your body and the corset. Unfasten the busk gradually, if necessary loosen the back more if you have trouble with the final hook.

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