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Corset Wear and Care

Getting In:

• Always loosen the laces so you can easily wrap the corset around your body and close the busk.
• Fasten the busk starting at the second hook from the bottom, work up and then close the bottom clasp last.
• Tighten the laces gradually. It should take several passes to achieve your desired tightness.
• Start tightening the corset lace by pulling the excess at the bottom up toward the lace loops at the waist, the small bow at the bottom should remain tied.
• Next, tighten the top, again pulling the slack into the lace loops at the waist. Repeat tightening the bottom and top as necessary.
• All excess lacing should now be in the lace loops at the waist and the final tightening should be done there.
• Tie the lace loops into a large a “shoestring” style bow and even out the bow loops for a clean finished look.
• Avoid tying the laces around to the front of the corset if possible; over time this could cause damage to the fabric.

Keep in mind that the corset is designed to reduce the waist and mildly sculpt above and below. You do not want to drastically reduce your ribs or your hips as this will cause discomfort. Give your body and your corset a little time to adjust before trying to lace tighter… corseting takes time, patience and practice.

Getting Out:

• Always loosen the lacing at the back before trying to open the busk. Failure to loosen enough can cause undue stress on your body and the corset.
• All the lace that was tied at the waist should be spread out to the top and bottom to remove the tension.
• Unhook the busk gradually starting at the bottom and working your way up to the top.
• Do not try to unhook the center clasp last - it will become very difficult to unclasp if it is left till the end.
• Continue loosening the back if you have trouble unclasping the final hook.

Aftercare & Cleaning:

• To prepare your corset for it’s next wearing use a damp cloth to gently wipe down the lining.
• Let the corset air out flat or hang with the laces folded over a hanger.
• Delicious Corsets are constructed with metal boning and are safe to be dry-cleaned.
• Wearing a “corset tube”, “corset liner”, or a thin tight fitting garment between the corset and your skin will help protect the corset from perspiration and body oils, making dry-cleaning less frequently necessary.

Do NOT submerge in water or clean in a washing machine / dryer.

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