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In-Store: Monica Lynne Chase & Studio Hibernacula

Join us in-store at Delicious Boutique for live music by Monica Lynne Chase and newly released jewelry designs from Studio Hibernacula.

Monica Lynne Chase

Monica Lynne Chase singing

Monica Lynne Chase is a Philadelphia based musician and front woman. Known for her big red hair and her even bigger voice. Chase started singing in the womb....and continues to sing everyday. "I love to sing. It's what I do and it's what I love to do...and when I can change the way people feel by using my voice it is invigorating." Influenced by the blues, hillbilly, mountain rag, jazz, jam band, rock, punk, pop, classical, jive, bebop, pretty much any music and lyrical poetry.

Studio Hibernacula

Studio Hibernacula is a New York based jewelry design house specializing in solid bronze and sterling silver jewelry. Designer and founder Kelly K M will be in house showcasing newly released designs.

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