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Burner Clothing & Gear

Burner Clothing & Gear

What are YOU Wearing to Burning Man?

How To Incorporate Clothing From Burning Man Into Clothing For Everyday Wear

The Burning Man festival is an amazing event celebrating art, music, fashion, creativity, and radical self reliance. Burning Man happens once a year in space known as Black Rock City, in the middle of the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. Attendees obviously need to wear clothing to Burning Man that will protect them from the extreme conditions of the desert; the days are very hot, the nights can get very cold, and all the while the event is very much a party! At Burning Man clothing is big way to express yourself, your creativity, and your personal style.

While at Burning Man clothing styles will range from elegant gowns to post apocalyptic leather designs. It's very much like an alternative fashion show in the middle of a desert! You will see brightly colored fashions straight from the rave scene to rough and distressed leather fashions reminiscent of the Mad Max movies. Many camps will choose to set a theme, and participants will all dress similarly in common costume elements or colors to identify themselves. Creativity is king and quirkiness is queen when it comes to choosing the clothing to wear at Burning Man.

One of the trademarks of Burner fashion in addition to extreme creativity is extreme functionality. Pockets, gear belts, storage pouches, and clips to attach other accessories are all very common and important. It is necessary to have water, food, sun protection, and supplies with you at all times, so many of the fashions and clothing at Burning Man allow for this by incorporating storage functionality into their design. Leather shoulder holsters and hip pouches are not only a thing of function, but also create a look that has become associated with a Burning Man style.

When day turns to night at Burning Man clothing must be able to adapt to the change in temperature. Many styles that people wear are able to be modified by adding or removing elements like hoods or sleeves. A warm nighttime jacket can be transformed by removing sleeves and hood to become a cool vest during the day. Sometimes fur collars or linings are part of clothing that can be added or removed depending on the temperature and time of day. This transformable style makes clothing for Burning Man more versatile, and allows you to pack less items and still be prepared.

Another important factor of clothing and gear you will need for Burning Man is functionality and protection from the elements. Goggles are a necessary accessory for protection from the dust storms that can start up at a moment's notice. In addition, scarves, hats, and dust masks are also very helpful accessories for Burning Man to help keep you protected.

After leaving Burning Man clothing you wore to the event will need a good thorough cleaning. The playa dust from the desert tends to find it's way into just about everything you have packed or have worn. Wearing clothing at Burning Man is like putting it through the most authentic breaking in process ever.. clothing comes back from desert looking worn and lived in for years, even if it was brand new when you got there! Once you've done your cleaning after Burning Man clothing can be worked back into your everyday wear, and can take on the role as badges and reminders from your Burning Man experience. Incorporate that beautiful or rugged piece from the playa and try it out with some of your everyday wear back home, and you have a look that becomes truly your own. The flexibility and all of the different options you have to make something that is completely unique is a special feature to this style where form and function meet.

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